Marine Science Data Disclosure Terms of Use

  • Article 1 In order to effectively manage and store the marine science data collected and analyzed by Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “TORI”) and its research results and publications, the “Marine Science Data Disclosure Terms of Use” (hereinafter referred to as “The Terms”) has been established based on the principle of resource sharing so such data can be made available to the public as a service provided by TORI for reference purposes.
  • Article 2 The term “Marine Science Data” used in The Terms is defined as data owned by or licensed to TORI with full right of disposal.
  • Article 3 The data management team of TORI is the business unit responsible for data storage and management, obliged to protect the rights and interests of the owner of Marine Science Data and to assist data users in obtaining information effectively so the data may be utilized to its full extent and reach its potential value.
  • Article 4 Unless otherwise stated by the competent authorities of TORI or by government regulations, the data protection period of the data owned by and related to the business promotions of TORI shall be no more than 2 years.
  • Article 5 The data disclosed by TORI shall comply with regulations of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s "The Handbook for Security Supervision of Government-Funded Sensitive Technology Research Project" and the National Applied Research Laboratories’ "Regulations for Sensitive Technology Security Supervision". Any other data determined as sensitive and confidential by the Ministry of Science and Technology or National Applied Research Laboratories shall be disclosed and used in compliance with the two regulations aforementioned.
  • Article 6 The Marine Science Data obtained from TORI shall be used only for the purpose stated in the original application by the applicant. Unless further permission is obtained from TORI, the applicant shall not use the information for any other purposes, or infringe the copyright by acts of, including but not limited to, reproduction, modification, public transmission, or public display, and is also forbidden to transfer user rights by gift or sales to any third-party individuals or organizations.
  • Article 7 An application shall be submitted in request for Marine Scientific Data. Upon approval, the data herein shall be given to the applicant. The rules for data disclosure are set out in the “Marine Science Data Disclosure Terms of Use Enforcement Rules”. The fee assessed for the data or service requested in a submitted application shall be determined by National Applied Research Laboratories with consideration of cost.
  • Article 8 The applicant shall bear sole responsibility for, and shall be solely liable for, any legal consequences arising from the violation of the provisions of Article 6 in The Terms. TORI reserves the right to discontinue processing such application and/or take appropriate actions.
  • Article 9 Approved by the director of TORI and having been reported to the National Applied Research Laboratories for future reference, The Terms shall be effective beginning the date of announcement.